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The LBB Shield allows an Arduino board to connect to a Holset VGT. It is made with through hole components and is designed to be a DIY solution. It is specifically designed for the Arduino UNO, if you want to use this shield on a MEGA you will need to modify some pin outs. If you select anything but the fully assembled option you will be required to buy the bill of materials and solder the components yourself.
You will still need an Arduino UNO, and some 18-22AWG wire to assemble the header connector to the VGT Turbo and various power / ground connections.


Assembly Options:v1.1 Shield

  1. Fully Assembled
    • LBB is completely assembled, plug in play
  2. Self Assembly / Include VR
    • Required to purchase bill of materials minus Max9924 IC
    • Self assembly of all compents but VR uMAX10 IC
    • VR IC comes on DIP10 conversion board for easy soldering
  3. Self Assembly
    • Required to purchase bill of materials
    • Self assembly of everything

Bill of Materials


Assembly Options